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Step into the world of Creativa, where architectural brilliance and interior design expertise converge to transform your spaces into extraordinary living experiences. Our firm, led by a team of visionary architects and designers, is dedicated to crafting the perfect harmony of form and function in every project.

Creativa is an Award Winning Architecture Firm with Satellite Offices across Sub-Saharan Africa.  Creativa's legacy is steeped in a rich history of crafting iconic spaces. Our founders' passion for design, innovation, and attention to detail has been the driving force behind our success. With a diverse portfolio of projects spanning residential, commercial, and hospitality sectors, we've consistently set the bar for excellence. 

We don't just design spaces; we create immersive environments that tell a unique story. Our commitment to a consistent tone and design philosophy ensures that each project reflects our values and personality. Whether you seek timeless elegance or modern innovation, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.


Welcome to the heart of our business, where we invite you to delve deeper into who we are, what we do, and the unique offerings you'll find on this site. Here, we unveil the narrative behind our journey, the passion driving our work, and the special services or products that define us. Whether it's our rich company history, an exceptional feature that sets us apart, or the essence of our brand values, this space lets our story speak for itself. We maintain a consistent tone throughout, reflecting our values and personality.


Explore, connect, and become a part of our story.

As an Architectural Draughtsman at Creativa, you'll play a pivotal role in bringing our architectural visions to reality. Your precise technical drawings and attention to detail will be the blueprint for our innovative designs. You'll work closely with our architects and design team, transforming concepts into tangible plans. Your expertise in CAD software, drafting standards, and building codes will ensure that our projects are not just aesthetically stunning but also structurally sound. If you're passionate about architecture, have an eye for detail, and thrive in a collaborative environment, we invite you to join us in shaping extraordinary spaces.

Technical Draughtsman

As an Architectural Visualizer at Creativa, you'll be the creative visionary behind our projects, transforming concepts into stunning visual representations. Using your expertise in 3D modeling and rendering software, you'll breathe life into architectural designs, allowing clients and stakeholders to envision their spaces before construction begins. You'll collaborate closely with our design team to ensure every detail is accurately represented, from lighting to materials. If you're a passionate artist with a keen eye for aesthetics, and you're excited about bringing architectural concepts to life through visualization, we invite you to join us in shaping captivating spaces and experiences.

Architectural Visualizer

Where talent meets innovation. At Creativa, we believe in nurturing creativity and passion. Here, you'll find opportunities to join our dynamic team, collaborate on exceptional projects, and be part of a design-driven journey that shapes the future of architecture and interior design.


Join us in bringing dreams to life through design. Your next career milestone awaits!


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