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We understand that the success to every project is achieved through a process of open communication and sharing of information. We pride ourselves in tailoring our approach to each clients' individual needs.

The Creativa Experience aims to understand in the minute details from our clients to ensure to perfect match to their requirements. Our design practice is a place of exploration and service. 



The delivery package is tailored to the requirements of each individual project. Projects may require some or all of the following deliverable:

Detailed Brief

A written document that not only shows an understanding of the client (what inspires and engages them), their aesthetic preferences and their specific requirements, but also outlines the objectives, scope and budget of the project.

Concept Design Presentation

An initial visual presentation that typically include imagery, floor plan, reflected ceiling plan, key elevations, key joinery elevations and a preliminary selection of finishes.

Design Development Presentation

A progressed visual presentation showing the development and refinement of the preferred design emerging from the concept stage.

Documentation Package

Preparation and delivery of a comprehensive interior documentation package (including schedules) for detailed costing and construction purposes. This package will vary from job to job.

Sustainability & Technology

Throughout all our works, we ensure to align our designs with the most eco-friendly concepts and methodologies, in thought of the longevity of our planet and the future of humanity. Our design process ensures we to match the local context requirements to blend in the neighbourhood with a uniqueness of Creativa's Signature.

Creativa being part of CNPN Group, relies on the Technological Cluster of the group to innovate further than the competition through the implementation of the smartest materials on the market. Our brand is recognised for its smart appliances, home automation and the most innovative construction solutions.

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